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Collaborative Accreditation


“On every teacher and every parent, I urge not great instruction, but humility and simplicity in dealing with small children. Their lives are fresh, without rivalry or external ambitions, it takes so little to make them happy, to let them work in their own way towards the normal development of the men and women they will be.”
- Maria Montessori 


All accredited schools are also recognised as certified settings for students on placement. 

The New Montessori Preschool
The Norwich Montessori School
Rose House Montessori School
Paint Pots the Park
Paint Pots the Boltons
Children's House Birling
Storybook Montessori
Children's House Montessori Abu Dhabi

Aldersbrook Primary School- EYFS 

St. Peter’s New World Montessori 
St. Barnabas New World Montessori 
The Village Montessori
Barnes Montessori School 
Maria Montessori Children’s House 

Bloom Children’s House - Sarajevo

Bloom Primary School- Sarajevo 

Les Petites Etoiles- Crouch Hill 

Casa Montessori- Richmond 

Flitch Green Montessori Pre-school 

The Gower School- Early Years 

Receiving accreditation carries the expectation that settings will continue to implement the Commendations and develop on the Recommendations highlighted in their Accreditation Report to continue to strive for best Montessori practice.

“The child has the capacity to educate himself, not in typical schools with their exact syllabuses where children must be obedient, but at a school where he is not controlled, does not have to compete, but can work with enthusiasm according to natural laws. If we do not know these laws and respect them, then we are in danger of spoiling this great work of the child’s.”
-Maria Montessori 

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