Collaborative Consultancy

Collaboration is at the foundation of everything we do. We value working in partnership for a compelling cause, establishing mutual goals and encouraging innovation. We see the importance of placing the child at the centre of practice and decisions. We believe we can do this by sharing our expertise through consultancy, the Montessori way.

We listen, observe, ask questions, guide, and co-construct solutions which will work for your unique community or needs. Combined, our team has many decades of experience in early years education, not only in Montessori teacher training,  but also in school leadership, mentorship, course design and social impact projects. 

Each member of our team has a specialism, and a unique contribution to our collaborative, and if we don’t have the specific expertise you need, we know someone who does! Consultancy requires listening and problem solving, as well as new unique approaches to benefit schools, training, and ultimately the children in our care.

Collaborative Consultancy can help with course development, starting a new nursery, improving practice in your setting, or helping develop new ideas and projects with a Montessori focus. We value and encourage community. A community that cares about each other, care about the world and its future, and work towards this through collaborative work and inclusion. Our community is where all members feel a sense of belonging, share passion for social justice, peace, education and actively contribute to positive changes.

Part of our consultancy is our commitment to social impact work, to help ensure accessible Montessori that is culturally responsive and rooted in using education as a tool for peace. Collaborative Consultancy is here and ready to contribute to your positive change.

For more information on our services, or to consult with our team please email us at