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Collaborative Training

Quality and affordable continuous professional development workshops

We are excited to collaborate with Montessori schools to provide quality workshops both online and in person for affordable prices.
If you are interested in hosting a workshop, or have an idea about a topic please contact us.

We will frequently update our website with upcoming events and workshops

Our Upcoming Workshops

Montessori Mathematics Educational Programme: 
nurturing children’s natural interest in the world of numbers, shapes, patterns and measurement

When: Saturday 25th February 2023

Time: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm 

Where: SheenMontessori Nursery, East Sheen, London

Cost: £45 (payment required beforehand) for full day - in person.

£30 (payment required beforehand) for Morning session 10-1pm - Online via  zoom.

          Groups of five and more (5+) members receive a 15% discount.
If interested in registering please