Collaborative Training

Quality and affordable continuous professional development workshops

We are excited to collaborate with Montessori schools to provide quality workshops both online and in person for affordable prices. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, or have an idea about a topic please contact us.

We will frequently update our website with upcoming events and workshops.

Sensorial: The joy and power of engaging the senses.
            Saturday September 28th, 2024  Time: 10am- 12pm UK 
           Facilitated by:  Michela and Hannah B
In this workshop we will look beyond the original sensorial materials and explore games, variations, extensions and real life experiences for exploring the natural world through the use of the senses. 

Numeracy:  celebrating innovation in laying the foundation for maths.
    Saturday November 16th, 2024  Time 10:am- 12:pm
 Facilitated by : Michela and Anotonella
Together we will revisit the importance of pre-numeracy skills and the principles behind the foundational activities in the Montessori curriculum area. We will then explore original numerber games, variations and hand made resources to complement conventional activities on the shelves.

2hr live interactive session with attendance certifiate : £20 per person
1hr recording: £10 per person 

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