Collaborative Accreditation 

Our Collaborative Accreditation Programme offers settings the opportunity for a meaningful review of their existing Montessori practice, using a scheme that encourages self-evaluation and reflection; settings are supported by experts in the field of Montessori education who commit to provide appropriate bespoke guidance and resources to aid progressive development.

Our mentors and assessors will enter into a respectful relationship with each setting where their unique circumstances and characteristics are taken into consideration and celebrated at each stage of the process.

Whilst maintaining an open view on current practice, our programme provides clear criteria that define high quality Montessori practice, from which settings can learn, evaluate themselves and plan for further development.

Our accreditation programme is created around the principles of the dynamic triangle where the child is always at the centre of this interrelated and multifaceted relationship and where the environment remains the important tool through which natural development unfolds; it recognises the role of the adult as shared amongst all significant people in the life of the child and that this role extends to the wider community too.

Our Accreditation programme is a reflective approach to quality assurance, one which:

- Identifies and celebrates Montessori best practice, whilst acknowledging that each setting is unique in its outlook and circumstances.

- Promotes quality enhancement, collaboration and a developmental outlook.

- Enables authentic Montessori settings to be recognised, for their work to be celebrated and to enable them to be promoted and acknowledged as offering high quality Montessori practice.

At Collaborative Montessori we believe that reflective practice is an essential process in ensuring the best outcomes for the children we care for and their families; developmental goals and aspirations are better achieved when we collaborate and grow together.

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