Collaborative Accreditation
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The Collaborative Accreditation Programme has two stages:

Stage 1. Collaborative Montessori Certification (CMC)

This Collaborative Montessori Certification is developed for any Montessori early years setting that wishes to engage in an independent self-evaluation of their own Montessori practice, with the support of expert advice and practical resources; it is particularly tailored towards new settings, settings that have recently changed management and settings that are looking for a guided pathway towards full accreditation.

Settings will embark on a journey of reflection and self-evaluation with the support of a knowledgeable and encouraging mentor and of bespoke educational resources; all members of staff are invited to contribute.

The Collaborative Montessori Certification fee is £150 per setting (irrespective of size and location); this includes a £25 registration fee and £25 non-refundable deposit.

The fee includes:

  • Setting’s Self-evaluation form
  • One hour mentoring session (remote)
  • Extra educational resources such as:
  • Sequential list of Montessori literacy and numeracy activities
  • List of words for all the series of the Montessori literacy scheme
  • Examples of pre-literacy and pre-numeracy games
  • Photographs of a well-prepared Montessori environment
  • Checklist with all conventional Montessori materials with supportive explanation of learning objectives
  • Extra reading resources on the Montessori approach
  • The opportunity to build supportive links with other Montessori settings

At the end, settings are awarded a certificate that confirms and validates the completion of its successful review and its commitment to continue to reflect whilst working to deliver Montessori best practice. The setting’s details will be added to the Collaborative Montessori’s website as certified.

Certified Setting for Students

Once settings have completed our CMC, they can apply to become a Certified Setting for Students. This will enable settings to become approved to host students/trainees and further support them on their journey towards a deeper understanding of the Montessori approach.

This stage can only be started after obtaining the CM Certification; it requires the submission of further documentation and a site visit from a member of the CM team (full details are available on request.) 

The Collaborative Montessori Certification is the first stage in our programme and it represents an informative pathway towards our Collaborative Montessori Accreditation.

Stage 2. Collaborative Montessori Accreditation (CMA)

The Collaborative Montessori Accreditation is the second stage in our programme. It requires submission of evidence of information about all aspects of a setting’s practice and at least one visit from the appointed Accreditation Assessor, who will assess using clear, consistent criteria and who will provide feedback and guidance to the setting, along with an Accreditation Report. At the end of this process the setting will receive validation of completion of the programme.

Collaborative Montessori Accreditation is suitable for any authentic Montessori early years setting, including daycare and home-based settings. This is a quality review process, which considers existing practice with the support of expert assessment and full consideration of each setting’s unique circumstances and approach.

It is also suited for settings that have completed the Collaborative Montessori Certification (CMC) and also to those that wish to progress straight to accreditation, if, for example, they have been previously accredited by a different Montessori accreditation body.

The Collaborative Montessori Accreditation fee is £525 per setting (irrespective of size and location): this is payable on registration and is non-refundable.

The fee includes:
  • All accreditation documentation and assessment
  • Remote meeting with Accreditation Assessor (up to two hours)
  • Extra educational resources (as per CM Certification)
  • Whole day visit and feedback from the Accreditation Assessor
  • A written Accreditation Report
  • Award of Collaborative Montessori Accreditation along with framed certificate

When settings are awarded the Collaborative Montessori Accreditation, their details are added to the CM website as Accredited settings and they also automatically become a Certified Setting for Students.

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